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We help businesses and individuals with our tax services

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What’s your Challenge?

You deserve to focus on the front end of your business.

The revenue stream.

But there’s the tax filing, account activity tracking, expense tracking, budgeting, financial analysis, rent and utility bills, equipment leases–

Only to grease the gears of your business while you’re trying to focus on keeping your customers and clients satisfied. 

It really comes down to this question:

“Where is the money going, and how do we save as much as possible when tax season rolls around?”

Where are you looking for help?

You might be here because you’re finding out it’s difficult to take on accounting alone–

Or you’ve searched to the corners of the internet for answers, only to find one technical financial term after another. 

The pressure really ultimately lies in the law:

How do you know you’re going about the entire accounting process and still abiding by the law to keep the reputation of your business intact?

The options you have In minneapolis…

In Minneapolis there is a large number of  firms you have the option of consulting with.

When you’re making a decision, make sure they specialize
in your particular challengeand not just bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is only one small piece of a complex puzzle.

For example, at Trujillo Services, we offer a diverse range of problem-solving processes for various tax planning obstacles, including auditing procedures.

In working with 300+ individuals and businesses, we’ve helped save thousands of dollars for each, and minimized the damage of complicated protocols that can sneak up on you between the lines of the tax laws.

Why Rudy Trujillo?

We’ve worked with over 300 individuals and businesses…


saving thousands of dollars for each of them amidst complicated financial obstacles.

Do you want to work with someone
with a  diverse background of problem-solving in the business world…

or someone with a narrow experience?

If you work with a bookkeeper or accountant who can work the numbers out for you, that’s helpful.

But it doesn’t guarantee you’ll save as much time and money in the end as possible. 

That’s why Rudy Trujillo, the founder of Trujillo Services, has built out a  branch of consultation for business owners  looking for help in the business startup process:

Liability protection, business management, and tax liability are just a few of the vital components for a powerful and stable business framework.

But a poorly designed or poorly managed company can result in loss of personal asset protection. And ultimately, all of the energy you’ve put into building your business could go to waste. 


In other words…Do you want someone who can help you succeed as a business in the long run,

or just someone who can track numbers for you?

There’s two kinds of Accountants in the end.

First, there are the accountants who know the ins-and-outs of accounting and tax laws, but aren’t as concerned with the overall success and efficiency of your business.

The other kind of accountants know the ins-and-outs of the tax laws, and they also do everything they can to secure you strong footing by offering insights on business management as a whole.

Trujillo Services is the latter. 



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