With over 25+ years servicing the public as an accountant and now as an Enrolled Agent,   Rodolfo Trujillo helps Minnesota businesses and individuals in the South Minneapolis community.

Dear reader,

First off, a big “Thank You” for trusting me, Rodolfo Trujillo with your personal business questions and leaving great reviews for Trujillos Tax Service.

Usually, when I meet with folks, they call me so they can save on the $100+ accounting and EA fees in that halfhour session. Then, after, when you’ve gotten your answers taken care of,  I can tell you more about the types of services that I provide for my customers and that I will provide for you, if you join the big, happy Rodolfo Trujillo family.

But first… I know that you are looking for someone who you can trust to help you with your financial situation in one way or another. These are the sorts of topics people ask me.

Maybe you need:

  • Your personal taxes done (including for non-residents)
  • Your business taxes done
  • Advice on setting up systems for categorizing & tracking your expenses
  • A better understanding of what is or isn’t tax deductible for business or personal
  • Help with dealing with the IRS, like preparing for an audit
  • Assist with business formation

And because I have over 25 years of experience there really are so many things I can help you with after I help you with your questions!

I just need to know what is most urgent in your world.

And I really can’t know that unless we sit down and talk about whatever is on you mind and get you the answers you need to maneuver around the organized tax world that I thrive in.

And that’s exactly why I am offering you that for free. No kidding! All you have to do is to contact us here or call 612-294-1670, and we can schedule a time to meet. I’ll make my way to you, and you can ask me in a secure setting at your leisure.

But here’s a person’s tax case study.

Why? Because for most people, the IRS and dealing with tax issues are one of the most frightening things they can think of. After all, taxes are the only other “inevitable” thing in life… and that other inevitable thing (death) is also a scary thing.

Anyway, this story is meant to show that – when managed correctly – there is nothing to fear about taxes and the IRS. I know this because my company does this for a lot of people who are very happy for our services, as you’ll see in their own words in a just minute.

And of course, for me my “clients” are like family to me. So my staff and I always approach our work thinking “if this situation were mine or my sister’s, what would I do?”

One of my clients, Jake, had a bit of a nightmare with his business taxes before he came to me. He had gone to one of those big name tax preparation firms with his business taxes. They just “did their job” treating him like just another fee-paying customer… and they didn’t only miss several very important things in the process – they just didn’t collect ANY information and file any taxes. So he had to handle it 100% on his own. Jake is not an accountant.

Jake suspected that there were issues, and that got confirmed by the IRS and he had his refund declined, and had to pay out of pocket for the difference. That set him back.

Once he got their notice, he found us. We took time to understand his situation, found the issues, and now he’s planning on opening an amendment to get it all back in order through Trujillo Tax Services.

But Jake was now a part of the Trujillo Tax Services family. So that was not the only time we served him.

Here’s what Jake had to say about it on Google after being a satisfied family member.

“My father told me that a man needs three people in their life. A good doctor, an empathetic priest, and a cunning accountant. Rodolfo Trujillo goes beyond the fold and I’m highly appreciative having met him. He’s saved me much more than just my bottom line.  Hes saving my sanity.”

-Jake Goss-Kuehn

You don’t get a review like that unless you really deserve it. I have some others I will share with you another time because I love hearing from my client family that Trujillo Tax Services has earned their trust over time.

For now, I hope that you can see that if you “join the family” we are going to take care of you. And the first step Jake took was to have that free 30-minute call with us.

But as I wrap this post up, I’ll walk through a high-level overview of the services we offer. I know you won’t need them all, but I believe that you’ll be interested in knowing what we can do.

With every new client I sit down with for one of my signature 30-minute free consultations, I start with this in mind: “How may I help you?”

And then I listen. I listen very closely to their answer because first I need to know IF I can help them (very likely) and HOW my over 25 years of experience can be of service to them.

And once I’ve understood what they need, then I can choose what to offer them from the menu of services that we offer at Trujillo Services. Sometimes I feel a bit like a waiter, helping a new visitor to my restaurant make a great choice for their dinner.  🙂

I want to show you our MN tax prep services today, and because I know you’re a busy person, I will give you more of a summary instead of all of the secret sauce details. But you can find those on our website at www.trujilloservices.com if you see something that you’re interested in in the list below.

The Trujillo Services Menu:

  • Tax Preparation: for individuals, corporations, and non-residents. Includes tax return amendments.
  • IRS Audits & Tax Problems: we will help you prepare for and navigate an IRS audit or any other tax problem. We’ve successfully resolved over 300 cases in front of the IRS.
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) application: This is a special tax id number for non-resident aliens and others who can’t get a social security number. We can provide advice and help you with the application process.
  • Business Financial Services (the main course of our business!):
  • Business formation: We can advise and help you choose the right business structure. And help with navigating the process.
  • Accounting: We want our family members to succeed in their businesses. Accounting is the essential thing that you need to know the facts about how it’s going.
  • Payroll services: Do you have employees? We provide payroll services to take that load off of your shoulders. We can process payroll for you weekly, monthly, or every two weeks, whatever works for you.

As you read that list over, I hope something resonated with you. Please contact us now if it did. Or, perhaps you thought of someone else who could also benefit from one or more of our services. If so, please forward them this page and tell them to give us a call.

As a Latino-owned company, one of our passions is to serve the Latino community in Minneapolis, which is one reason why we offer ITIN, translation, and interpretation services on top of our other tax and accounting services.

After you get your answers, I’ll tell you more about how Trujillo Services can help you after I help you, but I know you’re a busy person and I don’t want to take too much more of your time today.

For now, the highlight “about me” is that, yes, I am an accountant, but I’m not just an accountant. I’m also an Enrolled Agent, which means that – if you need it – I can represent you before the IRS. Hopefully, you’ll never need me to do that for you, but if you ever do, you can feel confident that I will take very good care of you. And if you know anyone else who may need that kind of help, please feel free to give them my contact information. We have successfully represented over 300 cases before the IRS.

In any case, I look forward to sitting down with you and learning more about you and your financial needs, so please be in touch!  

All the best,

Rudy Trujillo, Enrolled Agent

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