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With over 25+ years, Rodolfo Trujillo’s Minneapolis Tax Preparation Service will maximize your individual  and business tax returns. Maximize your refund with your top-rated Hispanic tax preparer.


Rudy has been serving individuals, families, and businesses with sound refund-maximizing tax preparation services for over 20 years.

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Over your first session with Rudy Trujillo, you will instantly be able to ask any free accounting advice within 30 minutes.

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You will get instant advice in your first meeting with Rudy. Always to uphold professional standards of conduct.

Senor Rudy was able to save my time and my taxes in moments. He personally made me feel welcome as he did the job well and when a snag happened, his team was there to do it all for you!  If you are confused about your taxes… consider his free 30-minute consultation as that all I needed to trust him with my most delicate finances. Thank you Rudy! Jake Goss-Kuehn

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What We Do

Individual & Business Tax Preparation Minneapolis Services

Individual & Business Taxes

Your personal taxes reflect your income received during a year and the deductions allowed by law. There are some loans that are identified during the preparation of taxes according to the characteristics and events during the year that is tax deductible. At Trujillo’s, we have the experience, professionalism, and technology to provide the best service and the necessary advice on the correct preparation of your taxes.

Corporate Taxes

The preparation of corporate taxes is a very simple process when carried out through a highly prepared and trained tax preparation company. Our intention is to be part of your success, and we put ourselves at your service with our team of tax specialists. For more information, make an appointment with one of our specialists. Contact us to learn more about your tax situation and to get the best possible support

Tax for Non-Residents

We prepare taxes for non-residents as well in Trujillo Tax Service. Non-residents of the United States as in the case of international students or workers with certain special visas. Let us learn more about your case and assist you in the best way possible.

Resources & Calculators

Useful Resources for Financial Management & Forecasting


The law allows one to claim a dependent those who are under the financial support of a person and meet other IRS requirements, whether residing in the United States, Canada or Mexico. For more information, contact us at any of our offices.

Audits Federal, State and Insurance Representation

We have highly trained professionals who have successfully represented more than 300 corporations and individuals in audits, saving thousands of dollars and minimizing the negative impact on your business or family wealth.


It is very common to make mistakes or omissions in the annual preparation of your taxes if you do not have the expertise. In Trujillo Tax Services we are ready to help in case of any inconsistency, either by personal error or another tax company.

Notarization and Apostille (State of Minnesota Only)

Notarization and Apostille (State of Minnesota Only) Notarization gives validity to a document within the territory of the United States, while the Apostille issued by the Secretary of State and this gives validity in the country it represents.
Last year I decided to switch to TRUJILLO’S TAX SERVICE after having my taxes done many years with another accountant and not getting my questions answered. Thank you Trujillo’s Tax Service and thank you Rudy for the wonderful work. Víctor David Ramírez

Great and fast service, been a customer for 15+ years, they have my trust for reliability and efficiency, I would recommend a friend or relative. Alex Pérez

Exelente servicio !!!!! Personal atento y amable, estamos muy agradecidos por el servicio brindado Chikita Montes

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