Tax season is here, and you’re looking for a local tax company to file your personal tax returns. Here is the overview of the Trujillo Tax Service St. Paul location and most common questions asked. If you run a business (or had that side hustle grow a lot this year) check our our business tax prep page.

When do I need to file taxes in Minnesota?

With the due date of April 15th turning around the corner, you need to make sure the tax documents that we’re filing meet standards and that our St Paul Tax preparation company has the right papers in place to start. This means we need to get documents such as your 1040 or 1040ez in our hands as soon as possible.

What do I need to give my tax preparer?

When you earn an income from your employer, you will be issued a 1040 document. This 1040 document has the income information for the time you’ve spent with that employer. When you work at a different company in the same tax year, you may be given another 1040 document.

However, if you are self-employed or a contractor – you will need to provide a 1099 document. The 1099c is the contractor document that lists your income after expenses. As a 1099, you are usually responsible for quarterly tax payments as well as handling the taxes that you, as your own employer, must pay. This looks like additional federal or state taxes.

When does the tax year start and finish?

The timeline for each tax year starts on the first of january to the end of december. When companies talk about fiscal calendars, they may be using their own system of measuring, but when it comes to tax filing in St. Paul, MN you must gather your income from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

Why should I pay my taxes earlier?

There are no bonuses besides benefits such as ease of mind when it comes to paying your taxes on time. When you’re complicit with the tax laws and pay exactly what you are supposted to pay before everyone else, you are able to take advantage of the slower-times and the dilligence of our St. Paul Trujillo Tax Service office. When Minnesotans are nearing the due date, they like to ask and get additional services during these peak houts. When our St. Paul tax prep company will be the busiest we’ll ever be for the year, we charge late fees specially with the days leading up to April 15th. Filing your taxes before that rush, allows you to get our own attention to answer your questions, and we’ll have the time and focus to help you with any other concerns outside of tax prep.

Why should I pay my taxes?

Not paying your tax share or not reporting accurate tax records will result in the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) performing an audit of your finances. It may occur right away, but it may happen years after an incident.

An audit requires your complete cooperation with the IRS agent, and the interest and fees involved for this are staggering. The cost of the fees and interest may be more than the tax liability owed. As a Minnesota Enrolled Agent, Rodolfo Trujillo can represent individuals and companies by negotiating their tax liabiltity to the IRS.

What is Trujillo Tax Service?

They are a tax preparation service in South Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. The offices are located in the latino community to provide, spanish-speaking tax assistance, affordable tax preperation. The owner, Rudy Trujillo has been working with Trujillo’s Services for over 25 years and have negotiated hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax liability in front of the IRS. Contact Rudy Trujillo’s Tax Office and get a 30 minute tax consult today.

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